Photo stick – a perfect way for storing memories

In this modern era, there are a lot of people who wish to have a safer place for storing their videos and photos instead of keeping them in the computer as sometimes they might lose it due to system crash or virus attack. For all these problems, there is only one solution and that is using photostick. This is the best way to keep all your memories safe from the viruses, power outages etc. There is some essential information given below which can help you in knowing better about this stick.

Where you can use the stick?

This stick is made practically to use anywhere whether at home for storing your personal videos and photos or you can transfer the files to the office computer when necessary. As the stick is quite small and portable so you can also use it in school and take the videos and photos to home on this device. You can use this stick in number of computers. It is considered as a durable product and the best option to keep the data secure.

Which files the stick can find?

The stick’s main focus is on videos and photographs. It can easily transfer, store, find and access different types of videos and image files. The stick can find PNG, JPEG, KDC, MOV, TIF, MPEG4 formats etc. If you want to search other files then you can easily change the settings. It will automatically find the file and then transfer it to your computer. It cannot find and also transfer the documents of word and many other files which are not in the design settings. In that case while buying this stick it is necessary to check it is right for your work or not. This will help you in making the best use of the stick.