Pebble Flooring – Ideas & Applications!

Pebble Flooring can be found in different shapes, thickness, size and texture to provide an ornamental, smooth and safe floor just to walk on. These unique tiles are produced by fixing natural pebbles by hands right into a mesh background to make sure premium excellence of the product. You can use it in numerous exterior and interior surfaces for example kitchen counters, shower flooring, patio flooring, pool surfaces, walkways, driveways and much more.

Applications for various Colors

Use of pebble tiles as floors provides a unique type of the perception of any exterior and interior flooring surface both at home and at work. White-colored pebbles for instance would be best suited as bathroom flooring so that as a baby shower base flooring while black flat pebble flooring does apply as wine cellar flooring.

Bathroom Decoration

Dull bathroom flooring can be simply given pebble flooring to provide an all natural and classic feel and look. It is also applied like a shower pan flooring passing on a vintage roman mosaic look. An execllent idea is by using these pebbles as decorative borders over the bathroom’s flooring.

Patio Decoration

Decorating entire patio flooring with pebble tiles is recognized as probably the most popular applications for 3 primary reasons:

(1) This excellent flooring method provides numerous ideas in various colors and textures.

(2) Installing of pebbles rock flooring is recognized as very easy do-it-yourself task – it takes no special technical skills or materials, furthermore, pebbles are thought as highly durable material and wish no special maintenance.

(3) While evaluating the price of pebble flooring along with other durable products for example marble, bricks, colored concrete or hardwood, the price of pebble flooring is a lot lower.