Offline Marketing: How To Share Photos By Word Of Mouth

We often link marketing exclusively to digital tools. But it is still possible to make a good photography advertisement without using the internet. Let’s look at some forms of offline marketing below.

Make good partnerships: partnerships are essential for anyone working as a freelancer or undertaking a photo business. Making good partnerships with professionals and companies that sell to the same client can yield you good referrals and facilitate negotiation.

For example, if you work with fashion photography, it is essential to seek partnerships with clothing brands, makeup artists, and hairdressers who are already active in this medium. Each can offer a discount, for example, to the customer who the partner presents.

Don’t forget about printed materials: yes, having business cards, flyers, and other printed materials for your promotion is still a great form of marketing for photographers! Always walk with some and exchange with professionals and potential clients whenever you can.

Create a good customer experience: No one can disclose as accurately as someone who has already hired you. Encourage word-of-mouth referrals by giving discounts and freebies to customers who nominate your work. It is also essential to collect testimonials from those who have already been photographed by you and use them in your promotional materials.

Create Goals For Marketing In Photography

The main objective of marketing for photographers at is to promote their work and increase the number of contracts signed, right? But you can create more detailed goals to achieve and measure your success gradually.

For example, let’s imagine that your main goal is to get four photoshoots and one event coverage per week because that’s the amount of work that will give you enough revenue to maintain your photo business and pay your expenses.

To close these four rehearsal clients, you might, for example, set a goal to create Valentine’s Day promotion for couples’ rehearsals and get at least 20 calls for quotes. And to get event coverage, you can rate the top bridal events, sign up to attend them, and deliver 30 proposals at each.                      

By setting these smaller goals, you are putting together strategies that will lead you to reach the bigger goals sooner than you think!